Bugzz @ Noordelijk Film Festival

10 november 2017

“Hello everybody!

 Did you know that Bugzz was invited at the Northern Film Festival at Leeuwarden this Thursday? Our mission: accompany the projection of “Bugs”. 

 Made by two young cookers, this movie aims at making you discover a completely new type of food: the insects! They take you in an extraordinary gastronomical travel, and Bugzz was here to make this adventure even deeper, serving food made with crickets, grasshopers and other worms all along the movie. 

The interest and the pleasant surprise the guests had tasting this new kind of food was a great reward for Bugzz. Even the most sceptical tried and enjoyed!

 If you also are interested in this topic, come and join us at the projection of “Bugs” the 14th !

 See you!